Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wheat ladoos/ Gothumai urundai

Wheat ladoos is aeasy and healthy  sweets that is easy to make and tasty to eat. try this easy recipe and enjoy...

Serving for 4( 20 nos)

What flour ( Roasted) -- 1 cup(fry wheat and powder them or fry the wheat flour and strain them)
Powdered Sugar -- 1 cup
Ghee -- 6 tsp
Cashew nut -- 10 nos( broken into small pieces)
Cardamom-- 3 nos

  • Fry the wheat flour in an empty vessel  until it gets heated and aroma comes out.
  • Strain the flour for any  lumps and add sugar  and mix well .
  • Heat the ghee in a skillet  until it is extremely hot and roast cashew and cardamom. 
  • Make circular balls by pressing it in hands.
  • Make sure the ladoos are tight.Adding  too  much ghee make the ladoos wet and less ghee makes difficult to swallow . 
  • Store it in a air tight container and enjoy.

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