Saving tips

Money saving Tips
Monthly Expenses
  1. If u really want to reduce the amount of spending for groceries , prepare the monthly list and reduce your trip to the grocery store.
  2. Plan the menu such that easy perishable vegetables are cooked in the early days.
  3. Purchase few frozen vegetables for substituting.
  4. Make sure mandatory veg like Onion, garlic, tomatoes are purchased in large quantity.
  5. Stock Sugar and Salt.
  6. Track your expense every month.
  7. Make some good commitment like life insurance, home loans, mutuial funds  and other investments that makes us think twice before  unnecessary spending.
    House expenses
    1. Unplug all the unused devices at home reduce the power bill.
    2. Reduce your bathing  time by 5 min.
    3. Save your coupons that comes daily in a bag that u carry for shopping.
    4. Save your grocery bills from different stores compare the unit prices and decide which place of  purchase for the materials.