Monday, November 8, 2010

Black nightshade rice/ Manathakali Vathal rice

Manathakali is a dry pickle. It is a purple fruilt thatis soaked in salted butter milk  and sundried for a wonderful vathal.It has a lot of medicinal value. so try this easy recipe and enjoy...

Serving for 2


Cooked rice --  1 bowl
Manathakali Vathal -- 5 tsp
Moor milagai or pickled chili  -- 3 nos
Oil -- 4 tsp
Ghee --2 tsp


  • Fry all the vathal  in oil until it turns black ( It   gets cooked even after taking out from oil so try to take out before getting burnt) 
  • Break the vathals with ur hands into powder  once cooled .
  • Mix  the powder with rice ,little ghee and salt  ..

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