Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yellow curry tofu Noodles Indian style

Yellow curry Tofu noodles is my yummy and a tasty dish that came out of my experiment in my test wont believe its so  delicious and addicting taste try it out fot sure. Make this as a base and substitute with pasta and try.

Serving for 4


Chinese noodles --  3 buddle
Vegetables --  Cut (Carrot, Beans, Cauliflower, Capsicum tricolors, peas ,babycorn                   bambo shot of your choice)
Extra firm tofu -- 1 box
Onion  --  1 cup 
Crushed garlic -- 4 nos
Turmeric -- 1/2 tsp
Green chili --   7(4  to saute and 4 to grind)
Small onion --3nos
Toor dal  -- 1 tsp
Fennel seeds -- 2 tsp(1 grind= 1 seasoning)
Seseme seeds --1 tsp
Soy sauce -- 3 tsp
Ketch up -- 4 tsp
Coconut -- 3 tsp shredded
Coconut oil  --3 tsp
Oil  --5 tsp
Olive Oil 

To Grind

Coconut shredded
Small onion
Fennel seeds (sombhu)
Green chili 

To fry

Strain all the water in the tofu by using a strainer and palcing a heavy object on top
Cube them into square pieces.
Fry them in a hot oil until golden brown.


  • On a hot pan add oil , seseme seeds, fennel seeds ,Onion, garlic  tofu and cut vegetables with salt and fry on high flame until veg are cooked  . 
  •  Add all the sauces  and grounded paste with turmeric  and fry until tastes blend
  • Add cooked noodles.( cook the noodles in a boiling water with salt and oil for few min, when noodle is cooked strain the noodles )
  • Mix well with sauce and serve in coriander on top.( Can add pepper and basil on top)


  1. This was really very good to taste navi.. Ur preparations are wonderful.. keep going