Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rasamali- My version

Rasmalai is a bengali sweet. I tryed in my friends place so i thought  why cant i give it a try..So check out my version of  delicious Rasamali.

Serving for 4(15)


Milk -- 2 cup( 1 liter whole milk)
Milk -- 1 cup
Water-- 700 ml
Condensed milk -- 3 tsp
Sugar -- 3 cups
Rose essence -- little( non colored optional)
Cardamom -- 3 nos
Sliced almond -- few
Badam powder -- 1 tsp
Lemon -- 3 tsp milk with water 4 tsp 
Crushed badam and Pista.

  • On a hot pan boil the milk when milk rises add lemon juice in 3 steps slowly.
  • First add one part of lemon and stir well then do the similar steps and stir  until curd comes out . ( liquid turns transparent)
  •  Separate the curd and strain in a cloth and squeeze out the extra liqiud .
  • Wash the panner  in a  running  water until lemon smell disappear and strain .
  • Kneat the panner until it becomes soft and easy to make small ball.(it should without cracks )
  • Boil  water until rolling boil the add sugar and rose essence wait until it disslove then add panner balls and wait it double in size.( say 10 min).Take out keep aside.Reduce the mixture into a syrup.
  • Boil the milk in sim  and stir continuously until it reduce into 1/4 th  add the the syrup and condensed milk and stir continuously until it reduces in amount and to a thick consistensy.
  • Add the  cooked panner balls after pressing them io flat  and serve with crushed badam, pista.
  • Serve cool..

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