Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mirchi Baji/ Milagai Baji

Milagai Baji is my favorite my child hood i visit all the exhibition just to take this baji.If u are a baji lover try this..

Serving for 4


Baji chili  --4 nos
Chili powder  --  1/2 tsp
Beasn flour  --1 cup
Rice flour  --1 cup
Soda salt  -- a pinch
Dosa batter or urad dal powder  --2 tsp
Salt -- 1/2 tsp
Oil   -- required amount to deep fry
Ajwen seeds --1/2 tsp( optional)
Water  --11/2 cups


  • In a bowl mix beasan rice flour and chili powder with salt and soda salt.
  • Add  water slowly and mix continuously to avoid lumps.( consistancy should be like dosa batter)
  • Add asafoetida  and dosa batter and stir well to mix.
  • Cut the chili into 2,  if big cut into 4 slices. ( take out the seeds if u dont want it to be so spicy)
  • Dip the chili in the batter and add into the pan with hot oil .
  • Fry it for golden brown.
  • Serve with chutney.

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