Monday, October 11, 2010

Aappam & Cococnut milk/ Aappam theengai pal

Aappam theengapal is a typical combination and almost a favorite dish to all. Aappam and kurma also makes  a good combo.It is easy to digest and  healthy as well . I also take this  dishwith hot garlic chili sauce. Try this recipe..

Serving for 4 ( 20 )

Raw rice / pacharuci  -- 2 cups
Coconut  shredded -- 1 cup
Urad dal -- 1/2 cup
Methi seeds -- 3 tsp
Cooked rice -- 1 hand ful(optional) or soaked aval
Milk -- 50 ml
Cardomom-- 3 nos


Grind into batter

Raw rice / pacharuci 
Urad dal 
Methi seeds 
Cooked rice

  • You can grind all together after soaking all the ingredients for 2 hrs. 
  • Make the batter rise by resting the batter  for a day .( it bring  little sourness)
  • We can make aappam either in a oval vessel or a flat pan .I used a flat pan since i cook in electric burner .
  • Pour the batter make the side thin and center thick ,add little oil and cook covered.
  • Dont turn the aapam cook only one side wait until the aapam turns transparent and serve hot

Coconut milk

  • Grind the 1 cup of shredded coconut in a mixer with water  and strain 
  • Continue this steps for 3 times to completely extract the milk.
  • Add little milk and cardom and boil the mixture for 1 min until hot.

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