Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tamarind Rice

Tamarind rice/ PuliSadam is an  authentic south indian recipe.I used to do this in  bulk and share with all my friends . When u want to go for an outing   mix the gravy with fresh rice and you  are ready to go.

Serving for 8


Tamarind                   1 big lemon size( use old tamrind for color)
Pepper                      2 tsp
Red chilli                   12 no
Jeera                        1 tsp
Corrinder seeds       2 tsp
Channa dal               2 tsp
Urad dal                   1 tsp
Vangaya vadagam  5 nos
Mustard seeds         1 tsp
Curry leaves             few
Methi seeds              1/2 tsp
Seseme seeds          3 tsp
Turmeric                   A pinch
Seseme Oil

To Fry and  grind
( Roast them one by one as all the ingredient  take different time to get fried)

Black pepper      
Red chilli   7 no          
Corrinder seeds
Channa dal
Urad dal
Methi seeds
Seseme seeds


  • On a hot pan add oil , mustard ,curry leaves , dals turmeric, chili  and fry them .
  • Add the Tamarind juice with  salt.( make thick paste , when diluted it takes long time to thicken).
  • Add the  dry grounded paste
  • Boil the Gravy until it gets like paste.( it takes nearly an hour)
  • Season with roasted  peanut.
  • Serve hot with  rice.

we can add any dry nuts for a cruchy taste

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