Friday, September 24, 2010

Stuffed Aloo Chapathi

Stuffed Aloo Chapathi is a  tasty chapathi.Are u a person on diet and  bored eating chapathi daily try this for sure.

Serving for 2 ( 6 chapathi)



Wheat flour             2 cups
Salt                          A pinch
Hot water                3/4 cup(we can use milk instead)


Potatoes              2 nos
Onion cut             few  tsp
Red chili powder  a pinch
Crushd garlic       2 nosCorriander leaves



  • Mix flour, salt ,hot water and Oil.
  • Knelt the dough until  soft and keep aside for an hour before making chapathi..

  • Boil the potatoes and mash them without lumps . 
  • On a hot pan add onion, garlic and potatoes with corriander leaves and fry it to mix flavor.
  • Make dough into balls and make a small size chapathi  and keep the stuffing in the center and make regular chapathi.
  • Fry on a pan with ghee on low flame.
  • Take along with Raita.

  •  Can Use tortilla press
  •  If u dont have tortilla press use cut opened zip lock and apply weight with flat pan
  • Always sure transparent covers as it avoid dough sticking to surface.

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