Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puran Poli

Puran Poli  is a wonderful sweet that can be made easily. I  made a lot of puran for vinayaga chadurthi and stored in the refrigerator that helped me to make appetizer/ sweets for 2 days.  I have refrigerated the puran for a month its safe and fresh. So do a puran and do 3 sweets. 
Check this out!!!!

Serving for 2



Jaggery                   4 cubes
Chana dal                3 tsp
Elachi/ Cardamom  3 nos
Grinded coconut      4 tsp
Salt                          a pinch
Water                      1 cup
Asafotidila.              a pinch
Turmeric                  a pinch 


Maida                    3/4 cup
Kesari color           a pinch
Salt                         a pinch



  • On a hot stove add jaggery and water along with elachi and boil for  few mins.
  • Pressure cook channa dal with tumeric and asafotidila.
  • When jaggery is dissolved  and becomes sticky add  pressure cooked channadal and coconut. 
  • Add ghee and wait until its soild  and ready to make balls.
  • Allow it cool.


  • Make a dough with maida ,salt, water, oil and color.
  • In a tortilla press  the dough and fold the dough with puran inside to make a small balls(make sure puran ball size+ maida dough size)
  • Press again to make poli.
  • Instantly cook  on hot tava with ghee.(Maida shrinks)

 If u dont have tortilla press use cut opened zip lock and apply weight with flat pan
Always sure transparent covers as it avoid dough sticking to surface.


  1. oh gr8 i really luv poli...... wanna try... and ur items r really good..... good job

  2. Thanks for the support monica!!!