Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pal Vazhakai / Raw Bananakulambhu

PalVazhakai Kulambhu is a mouth watery kulambhu  tempts me to make often and every time its a big hit. I strongly recommend to try it...

Serving for 4


 Vazhakai              1 no( cut into rectangular pieces)
Coconut Milk         1/2 coconut(take 3 different extract  thick, thin and watery)
Tamarind juice       4 tsp
Pepper                   2 tsp
Red chilli                 3 no
Jeera                      2 tsp
Corrinder seeds      2 tsp
Channa dal             2 tsp
Vangaya vadagam 5 nos
Mustard seeds       1 tsp
Curry leaves           few
Turmeric                 A pinch

To Fry and  grind

Black pepper      
Red chilli             
Corrinder seeds
Channa dal
Vangaya vadagam

For coconut milk

Grind the shredded coconut with little water for a thick extract.
Grind the same coconut with little water for a thin extract.
Grind the same with more water for a watery extract.


  • On a hot pan add oil , mustard ,curry leaves ,veg and fry them .
  • Add the watery extract  of coconut milk to cook the veg with little salt.
  • Add the grounded paste with thin extract of coconut milk.
  • Add the tamarind juice with Thick coconut milk and boil slightly and mix flavors.
  • Serve hot with  rice.

  Avoid red chili and add Black pepper.
 Can  use tin coconut  milk  but fresh coconut enhances the taste.

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