Friday, September 24, 2010

Radish/ Mulangi Sambhar

Sambhar is an authentic south indian recipe mostly taken with rice , dosa and idly. It is  rich in protein as it has cooked Toordal. Try this for a wonderful taste.

Serving for 4


Tamarind                  lemon size( use pulp not paste)
Toor dal                   4 tablespoon
Onion                       1 cup
Veg                          mulangi/ radish 1 no
Red chili                   3 nos
Turmeric                  A pinch
Sambhar powder    2 tsp( red chili powder+Dhania powder+cumin powder)
Jeera                       1 tsp
Mustard                   1 tsp
Curry leaves            few
Corinder leaves       few
Salt                          1 1/2 tsp
Oil                            3 tsp

For Seasoning

Curry leaves           
Corinder leaves      


  • On a hot pan add Oil and mustard seeds , when musard seeds begins to spilt add jeera  Onion red chilli curry leaves.
  • Saute untill onion turns golden brown then add  veg and saute to take out the raw smell.
  • Add sambhar powder  and fry, then add Tamrind juiceand allow to boil for few min, when oil starts  to appear  add pressure cooked Toordal and stir.( cook the toordal with tumeric and asafoetida.)
  • When u smell aroma of   sambhar add corrinder leaves and asafoetida
  • Serve hot with Rice.


  • Adding 2 drops of oil with uncooked toor dal helps to cook to perfection.
  •  We can season at last for a good flavour

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