Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bhadusha sweet

Bhadusha is a Indian sweet made easily. All it takes is  a few ingredients  in a exact proportion and a hungry crowd.This recipe remains me of my grand mother  she make perfectly iced and crispy Bhadusha, Since my child hood i am fond of her crispy sweet bhadusha.This recipe is my dedication to my grandmother.

Serving  for 4 (25 nos)


Maida -- 2 cups
Sugar -- 1/4 tsp for dough
Butter --1/2 tsp( melted)
Curd --  1 tsp
Baking soda -- a pinch
Sugar -- 1 1/2 cup syrup
Water -- 1 cup
Salt -- a pinch
Rose Essence optional --1 tsp ( optional)
 Oil to fry

  • Mix the dry ingredients like  maida 1/4 tsp sugar, soda, and salt
  • Mix the wet ingredients  like melted butter and curd.
  • Mix  both wet and dry ingredients with little water and make it into a hard dough. Don't knelt the dough too much  as it release glutton and becomes rubbery.
  • Leave the dough aside for 15 min .
  • You can make balls in flat  circular or oval shapes by applying ghee in hands . Make sure there are no cracks on surface. ( press between the palms  to make into a patty with a dip in the middle)
  • Prepare syrup by mixing water rose essence (optional) and sugar on a stove top.Turn of the stove  once the sugar is completely dissolved and the syrup turns into strings consistency or sticky)
  • On a medium hot oil drop the patty and turn side. Watch it carefully as it takes a long time to cook both sides keep it in low heat until it turns into  brown color.
  • Drain the oil in a paper towel.
  • Drop the roasted patty  on the  hot syrup and soak for 5 min then it forms a greasy layer over the bhadusha. 
  • Store it in a air tight container.

  • Don't add too much soda .
  • Don't add too much butter as the bhadusha may disslove in oil.
  • Can use dalada for butter.
  • Oil should be hot when droping the patty and turned to sim so that the patty is fried all through..
  • Can make sugar syrup to crystal form and pour over bhadusha for a snowy textuxer.

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