Monday, September 13, 2010

Poosanikai kootu -- Ash gourd kootu

Poosanikai kootu is an excellent side dish for any spicy main course like sambhar ,kulambhu..Adding healthy veg like  poosanikai  increases the water   in our daily diet and thus helps to loose weight. It gives us a wide recipe opportunity as it observe the flavor from the ingredients and has no specific flavor

Try it out!!!!

serving for 4


Poosanikai (Ash gourd) -- 1- Slice
Pottukadalai / Split roasted gram  -- 2 tsp(its a thickening agent)
Ground coconut   --  4 tsp
Cumin seeds/ jeera  --  2 tsp
Green chili  --   5nos
Little salt

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds  -- 1 tsp
Jeera  --1/2 tsp
Curry leaves  --  few

To Grind



  • Cut and wash poosanikai into small cubes(dispose inner seeds and peel the skin).
  • Boil the veg in little quantity of water and add little salt( water enough to soak the veg , adding excess water keeps to kootu little watery) .
  •   When veg is transparent add grounded paste and boil for few mins.
  • Add the seasoning and garnish with corriander leaves

  •  To make little spicy add  red chilli  while seasoning.
  • To  add little sour taste  add little tamarind while grinding avoid lemon.
  • When kootu becomes watery add water to rice flour mix well and add to mixture.

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