Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carrot Halwa

Carrot halwa is an easy and a healthy food . When i thought about healthy sweet i decided to make carrot halwa my only concern  was grading the carrot so i decided to ease the job by using a slicer and  peeler.

Serving for 8


Carrot -- 4 nos( graded)
Sugar -- 10table spoon
Milk -- 1 cup( 500ml whole milk)
Cardamom -- 3 nos
Sliced almond -- few
Badam powder -- 2 tsp
Ghee -- 4 tsp
Salt -- a pinch


  • On a hot pan add  ghee   and cardamon and carrot with little salt  ,Fry untilraw smell of the carrot disappears . 
  •  Add milk and stir continuously until it becomes a a soogy mixture.
  • Add Sugar and  badan mix  and fry until it becomes a dry gravy.
  • Add fryed almonds and rasin.
  • Serve hot and also try with icecream.



  1. love the pics u have taken ..the blog looks very creative and the recipes yummm.awesome start , keep it coming :)