Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beetroot Poriyal

Beet root  poriyal  is a  easy side dish to make in bulk as it is easy to cut i make this veg when i need to feed  huge crowd.

Serving for 4


Beet root                 1 ( big beet root peeled and cut into small cubes)
Cut onion                1 cup
Turmeric                 A pinch
Chili powder            1/2 tsp
Jeera                        1 tsp
uard dal                    1 tsp
Mustard                   1 tsp
Curry leaves            few
Corrinder leaves      few
Salt                           1/2 tsp
Oil                             3 tsp
Besan powder          1 tsp

For Seasoning

urad dal
Curry leaves     
Corrinder leaves

  • In a hot pan  heat the oil add Mustard, jeera , dal, curry leaves.
  • Add chopped onion   with tumeric and little salt.
  • When translucent add  beet root  with little water and cook covered.
  • When beet root  is completly cooked add red chili  and stir to coat the veg then cook for few seconds until water gets evaporated aad  besan to mix all the veg together( its optional as it makes beet root  looks altogether  )
  • Serve hot.

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